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The Nullstream group worked together at a software startup during the .com boom. This weblog was created as a tool to stay in touch and will serve as a virtual water-cooler for readers in the same boat.
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Paul spends too much time in Mountain View, and not enough in San Francisco.

First computer: Timex-Sinclair 2000
FPS weapon of choice: Anything with a scope
Favourite curry: Tikka Masala

John started a Seattle based software company with Paul. I usually post online as JohnNullstream or JohnNull.

First computer: Commodore 64
FPS weapon of choice: Blue Gun, aka "The Fire Hose"
FPS secondary weapon of choice: Tripmine->MP40 grenade combo
FPS secret weapon: Custom crossbow, zoom->fire->un-zoom script
Favourite curry: Penang Beef (Penang with chicken?? Are you kidding?)
What I'm Playing: (xbox 360) COD5 - The newest, last game I'll ever need.

J started a (profitable) software company in the Seattle area and doesn't work for "the man".

First computer: Apple Lisa
FPS weapon of choice: Longjump->crouch->crowbar
Favourite curry: Anything less than 1 star: "It's too dang hot, guys..."
  Hey, who's the only one here who's made their own?

Captain Sniffy works for that other "J" at a billion dollar upstart in the video game industry.

First computer: Dreamcasts
FPS weapon of choice: Whatever you can shoot on a Dreamcast
Favourite curry: Dreamcast tikka masala. (Seriously, has never met a curry he didn't like)


J asks: 

What's the story behind the banner image?

The banner image is composed of a fractal IFS background. The inset image is digitized from a hand-painted canvas. The wording is a bit silly.

J asks: 

What content management system do you use on the site?

MovableType 2.x. It's an incredibly flexible blog tool written in perl - totally recommended, if you can still find the free 2.x series. (Don't know why the authors didn't include any kind of comment and link spam prevention though).

J asks: 

Who did the site design?

J asks: 

What browsers do you design the site for?

Primarily designed/tested with Firefox 1.0. If a design element is too difficult to develop for multiple browsers, we conditonally enable it for Firefox only (for example, the black page background). We check for compatibility on IE 6 and Pocket IE 2003.

Paul asks: 

Who is King?

Clearly, Paul is King

Gavin asks: 

What is the proper way to embed links in a comment?

You can just use normal <a href="">Site Link
</a> Other tags like <img src="">, <b> and <pre> also work. To make a less than sign without the browser getting confused with a tag, use &lt;

All links will be marked with the nofollow tag, making them useless for search rankings. Any posts containing spam URLs will then be deleted.